Would you like to have more information about how the University of Groningen supports your wellbeing?

Please check out the following websites:

Student Service Centre 

E-health selfhelp modules

ACLO studentsport

Studying in times of Corona

Study advisors


Buddy-to-buddy Programme ESN - "Everyone is welcome to join this programme, no matter if you are an international or a Dutch student or whether you are a first-year or a fifth-year student!"


Are you already part of the association of your study or another student based organization? You can get to know a lot of people, join fun activities and make friends for life. 


Initiatives from Groningen to support students:

In need of a listening ear?


Other initiatives: 


Check out Grong for Corona-proof fun activities.


Want to get creative? Check out the activities page of the Groninger Museum for some fun 'Quarentertainment-exercises'. 


Please let us know if you have any questions or comments! 

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Nadia Taha
15 days ago

https://notalonegroningen.wixsite.com/info is also an initiative from students in Groningen