Week 4: 8 till 14 March

Ongoing activities 

Welcome to week 4 of the Well-being Weeks! The program will be updated during the weeks, so keep a close eye on what will be offered each day. 

Take a look at the Well-being Information to learn more about what is offered by the University and by other organizations in Groningen! 

N.B. activities with a Dutch description are only offered in Dutch

Well-being BINGO

1-12 March 

Online workouts 

Every Week 

Walks and the City 

Available from the 5 March

Monday 8 March


Language café

The Dutch elections are coming up, but how do other countries choose their government, and what is their political climate? You can learn this during the Language Café on Monday, 8 March!

Sign up here: https://www.vipsite.nl/events/none-zgt2-language-cafe

We hope to see you there!


VIP, Clio, ESN & Esperia

Tuesday 9 March


Lunch with @ease 

Hey student! I am sure that you too have missed the sociability and closeness to others this past year. So did we! That's why we at @ease have come up with this live lunch. Because everyone has to have lunch anyway, so why not have a good time together? Grab a peanut butter sandwich or a tasty salad and join us for our live lunch!

Join via this link: http://meet.google.com/mwa-kmor-kxh ! On the 23rd of February and 2nd  of March there will be live lunch in Dutch.


Over de streep- met Gwen van Poorten

* There will be an English alternative, more information will follow soon. 

In samenwerking met de faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid presenteren GFE, JFV, Lisa, Diephuis, SGOR, Diephuis en Vevonos op 9 maart 2021 het evenement "Over de streep - met Gwen van Poorten".

In maart 2020 werd de verspreiding van het coronavirus officieel erkend als pandemie en volgde de eerste 'intelligente lockdown'. Niemand kon voorzien dat de gevolgen van dit virus zo groot zouden zijn.

Dat jongeren het minste gevaar lopen voor de gevolgen van dit virus betekent niet dat deze groep minder hard getroffen wordt. Steeds meer studenten ervaren problemen met betrekking tot hun mentale gezondheid. Denk hierbij aan eenzaamheid of neerslachtigheid.

Veel studenten hebben het gevoel dat zij hierin alleen staan. Maar niets is minder waar! Tijdens Over de streep laten wij zien dat dit probleem over de gehele breedte van studenten wordt gedragen. Niemand minder dan Gwen van Poorten gaat een aantal stellingen bij langs over dit probleem. Hierbij zullen we merken welke problemen breed of juist minder breed gedragen zijn, en wat dit met studenten doet. Daarnaast vertellen twee studenten hoe corona hun dagelijkse leven beïnvloed en hoe zij deze pandemie ervaren.

Het evenement vindt digitaal plaats en is volledig gratis!

Meld je aan via deze link:


Wednesday 10 March


As part of the Well-being weeks, you can follow an online Mindfulness Meditation Training session offered by the Student Service Centre. 

Psychologist Bart Oosting will briefly explain something about meditation, and after that you will do one or two meditation exercises. At the end of the 30 minute session there is time to ask questions. 

The sessions will take place online, you can participate via Nestor. When you register you will receive more information by email.

The sessions are open to both Dutch and international students, PhD students are also welcome. The sessions are free of charge. 


Wednesday 17 February,

Wednesday 24 February, 

Wednesday 3 March 

Wednesday 10 March.


To register, please go to:



Productiviteit en mentaal gezond blijven gedurende je studententijd! 

De activiteit wordt georganiseerd door Wakker bij Bakker. Meer informatie zal snel volgen.

Thursday 11 March


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Do you want to learn how to stop the pointless fight with (annoying) emotions, (worrying) thoughts and physical sensations of discomfort? In this workshop we'll show you a way to do that in order to become more psychologically flexible. Based on the latest insights in positive psychology, named Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

You’ll also learn how you can deal with your thoughts in another way then you’ve ever imagined. This creates space and attention for things that are really important to you (commitment). The goal is not to resolve or reduce complaints, but to become more mentally resilient.

Trainers Maaike and Hanna provide you with soms skills in an interactive workshop, with lots
of exercises.

You can join via zoom:

Topic: Well Being Weeks
Febr 22: 14.00- 16.00
March 1: 19.00-21.00
March 11: 15.30-17.30

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 849 1956 2393
Passcode: 625804


Analyzing Children's Drawing

Join our interactive workshop on analyzing children’s drawings. Children often express their emotions and feelings in artistic ways. Being able to ‘read’ their drawings is an awesome opportunity to get to know their needs, especially for children who cannot bring feelings to words. This is often the case for children who are very young, have mental disabilities or have an autism spectrum disorder. If you are interested, sign up for our workshop at the VIP site!! Tickets are for free for VIP-members and 1 euro for a non-VIP member. There are limited spots available, so be quick to sign up at the Vipsite!: https://www.vipsite.nl/events/vip-workshop-2


The Workshop/In-house Committee of VIP

Friday 12 March


Ontmoet je medestudent!

Heb jij zin om samen met iemand te gaan wandelen, studeren, taart bakken, shoppen op de markt, borrelen, rolschaatsen, tekenen, fietsen, hardlopen of vrijwilligerswerk te doen?

Bij Humanitas weten we als geen ander hoe belangrijk contact van mens tot mens is. Dat is dan ook de kracht van onze vereniging: mensen - vrijwilligers en deelnemers - met elkaar in verbinding brengen.

Ook wij zien dat er op dit moment weinig sociale activiteiten zijn voor studenten. Daarom willen wij helpen door te doen waar we goed in zijn: matches maken! Geef je op voor de online bijeenkomst van 12 maart om 16.00 uur waar je meer te weten komt over Humanitas en waar je andere studenten uit Groningen zult ontmoeten!

Aanmelden: https://forms.gle/Tp12CyqCkV6ndXvH8


Lecture on the Mindset Theory by Dr. Ofer Engel 

In this 45 minutes online workshop, Dr. Ofer Engel, will talk about how the mindset theory and the two different approaches can influence our well-being. It links to one’s performance and expectations, in regard to one’s intelligence and personality traits.

What: Workshop 'Mindset Theory'

When: Friday 12 March, 18:00-18:45

Where: via Blackboard Collaborate and/or Google Meet (this depends on the definite amount of registered participants, the link will follow as the event approaches)

How to register?


Cooking with the GSb (Groningen Student Union)!

Come join us in an online cooking workshop! Let us take you on a culinary adventure, whether it's for yourself, or together with housemates. In this fun cooking class, we'll cook together and enjoy some casual conversations, which is simply the best way to spend your evenings in these weird times! Everybody can join, and you'll only need a laptop and the ingredients, which we'll provide a list for later. We'll start at 19:00, so make sure to be there a little in advance :)

Hope to see you there!

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/86kP5hXECEYjc9fD9