Ongoing activities 

1-12 March

Well-being BINGO

3-7 March 

Figure running (or walking) with Vitalis!

Figure running (or walking) with Vitalis!

Maybe this will sound familiar: you try to be as active as possible during this lockdown, for example by walking or running in your neighbourhood. However, after all the rounds you have made already you’re running out of inspiration for a new round. But no need to panic: we have a fun challenge for you: ‘figure running’. All you have to do is try to make a figure as original as you can think of. You can do this either running or walking. For an example see our Instagram (@gsav_vitalis).

We will award a fun prize for the best figure!

How do you get involved? Make sure you have an app to log your route. Examples are Strava, Runkeeper or Google Fit. Afterwards, you post a screenshot of your figure on Instagram with the hashtag #wellbeingweeksrug and you tag @gsav_vitalis. If you don’t have Instagram, you can mail your figure to

You can participate until the 7th of March!

Every week 

Online workouts - STUGG


Join our workouts during Well-being Weeks!

Every week, a new online workout will be posted on our YouTube-channel. You can join these workouts by clicking the link in our bio at Instagram (@stuggstagram)

You can also join us during our live workout on Instagram. More information on these live workouts will be posted in our Instagram stories! 

Available from 5 March

Walks and the city 

Walks and the City 

University? Online. Shops? Closed. What to do? Walk with friends. Sounds familiar? You may know the parks, streets and paths of Groningen - but still feel lost and trapped in the same environment. 

We, the Support Committee of the CLIO study association have the solution! You can accompany us via audio visiting 5 meaningful places to us. Bring your headphones, maybe a friend and set off to listen to the Support Committee's favourite places and their stories. Who knows? You may discover new spots that will make you step out of your everyday surroundings! So walk around the city and experience Groningen from a new perspective!


We will make the guide-recordings available from 5th of March on the Well-being Weeks website, the Clio website and the Support Committee fb page.

Possible for all International and National students - as it's all in English.